Anti-Seize Compound

Anabond's anti-seize compound prevents seizure in bolts and nuts, studs due to extreme temperature in any object. Anti-seize compounds are used as a lubricant in gears, chains, cables, sprockets, rollers and hinges of machines and equipments

It eliminates galling & cold welding of threaded assemblies and prevents seizing corrosion in press fitted assemblies and fasteners.


Prevents seizure in bolts and nuts, studs due to extreme temperature.

Used as a lubricant in gears,chains,sprockets, rollers and hinges of machinery equipments.

Ensures proper torque, eliminates thread seizure in aluminum and stainless steel bodies.

Heavy interference fit sprockets and gears are assembled and pulled easily.

Reduces corrosion and seizing in Fertilizer plants due to strong chemical action and weathering.


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